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7-hole busbar to connect batteries in parallel

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Bus bars (busbars) are short strips of conductive metal for high current electric connections. This Busbar is made to connect batteries in parallel for an installation in your home.

Busbar Features:

  • 7-holes
  • bolts
  • nuts
  • to connect battery in parallel
We are all about customer satisfaction at Solarway Suppliers. We have designed these so that customers can alwyas have the option of making their installations look as best as they possibly can. Not only have we designed these for this purpose but we have also designed a Prefab board for the installations as well, which will have the Inverter, battery disconnector, AC protection and so on, along with all wiring being covered. This make for a really neat and clean looking installation.
We do installations in Gauteng and surrounding areas. To book an installation with us you can email us and we will need your full home address and other specific details about the type of system you would like to install, we will then come out to your location and have a look over the premises and determine what exactly will need to be done for you before giving you a full quotation.


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